Valerian for your Health


Seventeenth century astrological botanist Nicholas Culpeper asserted that Valerian was ‘under the influence of Mercury’ and therefore ‘hath a warming faculty’.  Whether you believe in astrological botany or not this wonderful herbaceous plant has been cultivated for thousands of years as a medicine offering a sedative effect against anxiety and insomnia.  Cats dig it too, they will munch on leaves a bit and get high on it they way they do with Catnip.  It’s a pretty little plant with delicate white flowers which offer nectar to butterflies.  Give regular water and consider harvesting roots late fall for broth and tea. 
Maidens considering bridal gowns should know that essential oil of Valerian applied to the dress can ‘make elves envious’.  Says so right here in this Wikipedia article I’m reading and anything written in a Wikipedia article must be TRUE.

Plant in full sun in rich soil and water regularly. Expect a sprawling mass 2’x3′ with flower stems arching above leaves.

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