Ploughshares Nursery is a non-profit social enterprise with very few resources. We really appreciate it when people donate goods related to our garden and nursery.
If you would like to help please take a look at the list below and send us an email or give us a phone call and we can make arrangements to receive or pick up your donation. You can even receive a break on your taxes! 🙂

Plastic Nursery Trays
Old but Usable Garden Hoses (or new ones!)
Gravel (for paths)
River Head Rock (for garden beds)
Bark Chips
Logs (‘bigguns’ for Hugelkulture and Regenerative Ecology demonstration)
Old Chicken Coups
Garden Tools: Rakes, shovels, clippers, wheelbarrows, ‘working’ powered lawn and garden machines, gloves.
Greenhouse panels and support frames.
Garden Art: fancy old pots and statues
Lights (for our upcoming Nighttime Fairy Garden, x-mas, solar and outdoor)
Manure (horse manure is the best!)
Hay Bales
Cat Food (for our feral colony)
Chicken Food and Chicken Play Structures
Shade Cloth
Shade Umbrellas
Outdoor furniture
Small or medium containerized plants you no longer want in your garden
All garden gnomes and flamingoes accepted in any condition

Thanks but we cannot accept:
Used nursery pots (disease spreads even when washed with soap and water)
Bagged or Bulk Garden Soil Products
Garden Chemicals (neither synthetic nor organic)
Broken garden tools of any sort
Jade plants
Dug up lawn and lawn soil