Dragon Fruit


Selenicereus undatus also commonly known as Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit is the most highly cultivated cactus in the world. Like Aloe vera, it has been cultivated so long that the original plant has been lost to history. This is an easy to grow cactus in the East Bay, grow as a houseplant or in a sheltered area in the garden. Don’t expect much or any fruit grown as a houseplant.
The fruit pictured left is very high in vitamin C, iron and several unusual antioxidants. Dragon Fruit is often recommended for diets to prevent or fight cancer.

Pitahaya Flower
grow as a vining plant in soil with excellent drainage (I sometimes grow mine in pure perlite)

Great for growing on a fence or trellis. Some folks just put them in a high pot and let them drape over the side. Protect from frost and water infrequently (like once a month in summer, none in winter).
The fruit is subtle and mildly sweet with hints of sleeping dragon.

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