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  • Drought Tolerant Landscapes, Designing with Succulents

    Saturday April 18th 11a.m. FREE WORKSHOP at Ploughshares Nursery ‘Designing with Succulents’ Succulent plants are everyone’s ‘go to’ plant for those serious about water conservation.  Join us at Ploughshares for a discussion of the origin of succulents, methods for integrating them into the garden design and how to care for them so they thrive and […] Read More

  • Growing Plants from Cuttings Workshop

    Saturday April 11th 11a.m. FREE WORKSHOP at Ploughshares Nursery ‘Propagating Plants from Cuttings’ At the end of this workshop you should be able to go home with a few simple tools and materials, and be able to propagate various plants from cuttings! Vegetative propagation is an excellent way to increase the numbers of plants in […] Read More


    Saturday April 4th 11a.m. FREE WORKSHOP at Ploughshares Nursery –‘GROWING AWESOME TOMATOES’– Everything you need to know to grow awesome tomatoes in the East Bay’s cool climate. This one hour workshop opens with discussion of the origin and characteristics of everyone’s favorite garden plant followed by demonstration of planting techniques, pruning and proper watering. If […] Read More

  • March 2015 Workshops!

    Saturday March 14th from 11am to 12:30 pm. FREE workshop at Ploughshares Nursery, 2701 Main St. Alameda, CA. 510 755 1102 Fruit Tree Care; Join Ploughshares Nursery’s Jeff Bridge for a hands on demonstration of pruning citrus and other fruit trees as well as discussion on ‘best practices’ for caring for fruit trees such as […] Read More

  • FREE Gardening Workshop March 7th 11am

    ‘Saturday March 7th 11am – 1pm at Ploughshares Nursery, 2701 Main St. Alameda CA; Spring Vegetable Gardening A-Z. FREE two hour workshop on everything you need to know to grow a warm season vegetable garden. This is a workshop for folks who have never gardened and also for those who just want some reminders and […] Read More

  • next February Workshop

    Seed Starting’ FREE WORKSHOP at Ploughshares Nursery, 2701 Main St. Alameda, CA. 12:00 noon Saturday February 21st 2015. Bring some gloves because we’re gonna get a wet and dirty in this hands-on workshop all about how to start your own plants from seed. Growing plants from seed is not rocket science people(!), but there are […] Read More

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