Unusual Edible September 2016

Yes you can grow your own coffee tree in the East Bay Area.

COFFEE ARABICA is a tropical evergreen shrub which will produce sweet cherries after 2-5 years, …. the pits are the coffee beans.
Best grown in a container to facilitate moving from household to outdoor environment come summer.  That’s right, this should be a houseplant Spring, Fall and Winter and only brought out when temperatures are between 65-75 degrees consistently.  Water when dry, the plant will tell you when its dry by drooping its leaves.  Easily kept at five feet by pruning, left to it’s own devices, a coffee tree can reach 40 ft.!  This is a must have for the Unusual Edible Gardener!

4″ pots of Coffee Arabica $5.00 at Ploughshare’s this September