We offer succulents from the superb ‘Succulent Gardens’ in Castroville CA


Ploughshare’s strives to grow as many of our plants ourselves in-house.  But sometimes we want something really special from a nursery with a dedication and focus on a particular plant type.  We search out the best suppliers who meet our social enterprise criteria; edible, drought tolerant or native …. and bring in their plants to offer to our customers.  In the case of Succulent Gardens our buyer drives down and hand picks specimens!  Succulent Gardens is truly an amazing grower of succulents and they have an online store where they sell unique succulent products we cannot offer at Ploughshares Nursery.  And, if you see a particular succulent specimen which you would like to purchase, we can order that in for you at no cost for pick up at Ploughshares!

So if you love succulents, take a moment to check out the Succulent Gardens selection and online store!