May 2021 Newsletter


May 2021
Whats Happening at Ploughshares

New Butterfly Plant Available Mid-May

Asclepias fascicularis or ‘Narrow Leaf Milkweed’ is a California native milkweed Monarchs use for food and for reproduction.  If your milkweeed start is not immediately over-run with Monarch babies you can expect a 2ft by 2ft airy shrub with pale pink blossoms (cups full of nectar goodness).  Give regular water and rub off any orange aphids which appear.  The orange aphids are an invasive pest insect which can destroy your native narrow-leaf milkweed plant.
4″ and 6 packs available mid-May

Featured Edible for the Spring Garden

Plantago coronopus or commonly known as ‘Erba Stella’ is a tough, cold and heat tolerant herb with a nutty-salty taste which enhances any dish with a savory quality.  Rich in healthy fat and vitamin C and used medicinally as a  treatment for various diseases such as constipation, coughs, wounds, infection, fever, bleeding and inflammation.  Plant in full sun, feed and keep moist if fast growth to harvest is desired.  Otherwise this tasty almost secret herb from the coast of Italy and North Africa tolerates dryness, poor soil and both very hot and very cold conditions.  Super easy and super tasty!
4″ pot $2.99 at Ploughshares

Papa Cat is Out Sick

Our best little buddy is pretty ill and considering his age he might not be returning to the nursery.  He’s at my house trying to recover and if he does recover he will be back someday to teach kids how to pet him properly, chase away dogs and look super cute sleeping.  Thoughts and prayers are no substitution for meaningful change in our society but when there is nothing more …  thank you for your thoughts and prayers.   This cat has brought a lot of joy to the lives of the people who work and shop here over the last twelve years.