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September Gardening News

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Agave attenuata, Yellow Lantana, Leptinella, Portularcaria and Monkey Flower

Low water needs plants and drought tolerant container gardening can be gorgeous fun when you learn how to choose the right plants for the right container.   Join Ploughshares staff September for a hands on workshop creating your own succulent bowl.

Craft up that Succulent Bowl with Ploughshares Nursery
FEE based workshop (see below)
September 18th 2021
11:30 a.m. at Ploughshares Nursery
2701 Main St. Alameda CA 94501

Craft up your very own succulent bowl with the help of Ploughshares Nursery creative peeps during this hands-on workshop in September.
Part one (35 minutes) we will demonstrate how to plant and care for your succulent bowl then take a break (15 minutes) for refreshment.
Part two (60 minutes) Ploughshares staff will assist you in selecting succulents, planters and advise on how to assemble both together to please the easy-going gods of succulents!
Get ready for some fun conversation and creative gardening September 18th 11:30 a.m.
This workshop will be held at Ploughshares Nursery. All succulents, soil and planter bowl included in fee: $45.00
Ticket link here

Time for Cool Season Edibles
(here’s what we got)

Beets: Chiogga Beets
Broccoli: Jade Cross Broccoli
Cabbage: Chinese Cabbage
Cauliflower: Snow Crown Cauliflower
Chard: Swiss Chard
Herb: Authentic Thai
Herb: Genovesse Basil
Herb: Lemon Grass
Herb: Peppermint
Herb: Salvia berggarten
Herb: Stevia
Herb: Turmeric
Herb: Yerba Matte
Kale: Garden Blend Kale
Kale: Lacinato Kale
Kale: Radish Kale
Lettuce: Salanova Lettuce
Mustard: Wasabi Mustard Greens
Pac Choi: Rose Pac Choi
Strawberry: DeLizz Strawberry F1

Prepare Soil for Next Season with Cover Crops

Crimson Clover (over and over?) and Fava Beans (fava beans and a nice Chianti)
Best cover crops for our local area IMHO.  Great to grow out and till in as green manure, improving nitrogen and beneficial soil microbes. Maybe grow some out as a food crop?  Easy to grow this time of year and the Fava especially doesn’t require much water come late Fall and Winter.
Flowers bring a lot of zing to a late season garden.

Amend That Soil
(mulch, mulch, till, mulch, mulch)

Soil Building Conditioner brings a lot of rough cut organic material to the raised bed or garden plot.  Use as a mulch or till, till, till into the soil and smell the chicken manure goodness. 

Worm Castings make the best amendment if you care about healthy plants and the thriving underground ecology which helps plants uptake nutrients and fight off disease.
Till it in and mix it up.  Feeling lazy?  Make some worm tea with it in a bucket and water your plants!

vaccinated volunteers needed, come in anytime Wednesday through Friday 10-4pm and get some free horticultural lovin