‘Hugelkultur Building Workshop’

‘Hugelkultur Building Workshop’
Sunday March 19th
12-3pm at Ploughshares Nursery
2701 Main St. Alameda CA
510 755 1102
Tickets are $5.00

Do you ever feel ridiculous paying to have your tree trimmings hauled away?  Learn to instead put them to good use in your garden.   Hugelkulture (literally “mound culture” in German) is a time-tested method of using discarded plant debris to build raised beds.   The benefits are numerous: soil building, water-retention, slow-release of nutrients, easier fruit tree picking, microclimate diversification, extended square footage of garden space, ease of tending, ..the list goes on! 
This will be a hands-on workshop, so be prepared to get dirty!   We will cover the do’s and don’t’s of the practice, as well as share some info on design principles and materials sourcing.   We will then build and plant a hugel garden and tie it into a rainwater catchment system.    This particular style of hugelkultur is an adaptation to our drought-susceptible climate.
The course will be led by Jeremy Watts, owner of Edible Ecology, an east-bay landscape design & build company.   Jeremy is a practitioner and teacher of regenerative land design and has studied with some of the world’s foremost designers.   He enjoys empowering others to become more self-sufficient and create resilient communities.