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Zoom Presentation, How to Grow Strawberries

Ploughshares is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: How to Grow Strawberries
Learn how to nourish tender young strawberries organically with love until it comes time to brutally rip them from their beds and bite down on the juicy goodness.  Recipes, history and best tips, join us for a free fun slide show about strawberries.
Time: Feb 24, 2021 02:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Zoom Presentation, How to Grow Strawberries

Gardening in the Rain

Rain has come and it’s a bummer when we want to go out and garden …. but it’s too, too WET! 
Don’t mope, theirs hope, rain is an opportunity in disguise. 
Try using the time to plan next springs garden.  Do you use a garden journal?  Why not update your garden journal or start a new one? There are plenty of fun and easy to use garden planning apps, a rainy day garden-session learning a new app can be fun. 
If you really must get out then put on the rain gear and take advantage of the best opportunity you will have all year to examine and understand drainage in your garden space. Note down areas which become standing puddles if you haven’t already, those are places you will want to avoid planting drainage dependent specimens in the future. Those same saturated areas represent opportunities to be very successful with flood plain plants or bog plants such as Chondrapetalum tectorum, Salvia ulignosa or native Juncus.  Got a natural pond forming somewhere in the yard(?), consider installing a small water feature there next dry season.  Urban Farmer in Richmond has a variety of different effective and efficient rain catchment systems you might consider, they have excellent customer service representatives and will set you up with the right system for your yard.

Snails often come out in ‘routs’ in rain conditions and now you can crush them all with impunity!  

And lastly, remember that no amount or kind of supplemental irrigation is as effective as nature’s rain.  These rainy days, so infrequent in California are some of the only times large specimen trees and shrubs with deep roots get the water they need for the following year.

Enjoy the rainy garden. 

Papa Cat is the New Ploughshares Delivery Driver

Need a delivery of large container plants, soil or whatever?  We provide delivery service to Alameda ($25.00), Oakland/Hayward/Berkeley ($45.00) and the Hwy 24 corridor all the way to Concord ($50.00).  Cat treats as tips accepted, please no dogs helping to unload, Papa hates dogs.