California Heritage Plant for July 2018


Coastal Redwood is our choice for California Heritage Plant for July 2018
There is no other tree which defines California history better and there is no way a paragraph on a small nursery website can do justice to the scope and majesty of the worlds fastest and tallest growing tree.     They simply dominate the environment of any residential property upon which they grow, providing shade, raising property values and lowering cooling bills inexorably.  Studies show that the presence of these big trees improves the health of the neighborhood by some means not clearly understood … substantially.
And that dominating redwood tree presence also means that the typical small east bay yard will fall completely under its shade, the soil of the garden filled with her roots, a place for ferns and other part-sun loving plants rather than the fruit and vegetable oasis some might desire.   Thus decisions have to be made, consider carefully before planting, because with an average of 2-4ft. growth a year you won’t be changing your mind cheaply.

Check out these interesting links about Redwoods.  I hope you will plant one.

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