August 2016

 Introduction to Permaculture
FREE WORKSHOP Saturday August 13th, 12:00 noon at Ploughshares Nursery,
2701 Main St. Alameda CA.

Permi-curious? We can design our way out of the social and environmental nightmare we’ve created on Earth – climate change, species extinction, poverty, inequity and more.  Hear stories from real, on the ground, projects showing ways we can meet our needs while being beneficial to all life using Permaculture techniques. Learn about Permaculture design. Take an afternoon to reawaken your hope for the future of the environment and people everywhere and ask questions about Permaculture. See images and hear stories about permaculture design techniques and strategies around the Bay Area.

July 2016

Habitat Garden Workshop

Saturday July 23rd at 12 noon, its all about ‘Habitat Gardening’.  Join Ploughshare’s staff for a free workshop all about  planting  gardens which benefit  bees, butterflies, birds and lizards! Topics will include food, water and shelter and how to keep those cycles going throughout  the year!  We surround ourselves with plants the purpose of which is only to please the eye, why not please the eye and improve the environment at the same time?

May 2016

Straw Bale Gardening
Saturday May 28th at noon

Join Ploughshare’s Jeff Bridge for a demonstration of straw bale gardeningStraw bale gardening is a dry farming technique for turning regular old construction straw into a verdant bed of herbs and vegetables.  The secret is in the preparation!   This is a FREE workshop at 2701 Main St. Alameda CA 94501 Ploughshares Nursery.

“Ruth Bancroft Garden Presents; How to Plant Succulent Rockeries”  May 14th at 12 noon at Ploughshares NurseryJoin Ryan Penn of famous Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek for a hands on workshop demonstrating how to plant succulents in rockeries.  Brings some gloves because rocks will be placed, soil layered and succulents planted during the workshop.  Even long time succulent fans will come away from this workshop with new found expertise.

April 2016

“Composting and Sheet Mulching Workshop” April 9th at Ploughshares Nursery with Master Composter and Gardening Educator Lori Caldwell of,  bring all your garden conundrums at 11 a.m. for a question and answer session followed by a half hour work-shop on composting at 12:30, after the workshop, another round of Q&A until 2 p.m.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about the benefits of composting and get you gardening questions answered by an expert at the same time. Attendees will receive a 20% coupon for Bay Friendly plants.

“Growing Awesome Tomatoes”, Free Workshop at Ploughshares Nursery April 9th at 2:30 p.m. Join Ploughshares Nursery Manager Jeff Bridge for a one hour workshop all about growing awesome tomatoes in the cool East Bay Climate, topics will include tomato history, preparing soil, how to water and how to choose varieties best suited for your micro-climate.

CANCELLED FOR FAMILY CRISIS (we will reschedule for next month) “How to Create a Vertical Succulent Planter”, Free workshop at Ploughshares Nursery April 16th at 12 noon.  Expert staff from the amazing Succulent Gardens in Castroville will be on hand to instruct attendees how to build living pictures and vertical gardens out of everyone’s favorite drought tolerant plants. Materials will be on hand for purchase if you decide you want to make your own living art piece during the workshop!

“A Tale of Five Natives”, Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st at 12 Noon, free workshop at Ploughshares Nursery, take a voyage into California’s past with nursery manager Jeff Bridge on the weekend of the ‘Bring Back the Natives Garden Tour and Native Plant Sale’.  Native plants are well known for how they benefit local ecologies and reduce water usage, but certain native plants are also ‘heritage plants’ with histories of usage which date back thousands of years intricately woven into the spiritual beliefs of California native peoples.  Join us at Ploughshares Nursery to explore our California heritage through the examination of care and history of White Sage, Hummingbird Sage, Yerba Buena, Oak and Buckeye.

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