Vegetables and Herbs on the Table Now


Vegetable Starts Available Now for the Last of the Cool Season

4″ pots Jersey Knight Asparagus
6 packs Early Wonder Beets
6 packs Everest Broccoli
6 packs Bulls Blood Beets
6 packs Giant Mustard
6 packs Romaine Lettuce
6 packs Speckled Romaine Lettuce
6 packs Speckled Bibb Lettuce
6 packs Cauliflower
6 packs Burgundy Bush Bean
6 packs Tiger Eye Bush Bean
6 packs Red Soft Neck Garlic
6 packs Red Winter Kale
6 packs White Russian Kale (not affiliated with Trump)
6 packs Pickling Cucumbers (keep sheltered for a couple weeks)
4″ pots Italian Oregano
4″ pots English Thyme
4″ pots Lemon Thyme
4″ pots Lemon Balm
4″ pots Bronze Fennel
4″ pots Sage Growers Friend
6 packs Italian Parsley
6 packs Chives
6 packs Tatsoi
6 packs Swiss Chard
6 packs Kale Premier Blend