Unusual Edible for July 2017

Sweet Potato is our choice for Unusual Edible for July 2017
Sweet Potatoes ‘dig’ our Alameda temperatures and soil.  They prefer nutrient poor fast draining soil ….and that we have in plenty here.  Expect large vines which will sprawl over your entire garden if you don’t tie them up.  They reach maturity here in 90 days.  Plant now and expect a harvest of awesome at the end of October.  Let tubers sit and cure for ten days before baking.  Folks like to wrap them in foil ….causing cooking action by steam.  If you bake them without foil they will caramelize nicely.
Sweet Potato ‘Continental’ (skin color pink-red, flesh color light orange)  1 gallon $6.50

Sweet Potato ‘Mississippi Purple’ (skin color light orange, flesh color purple with white intrusions)  1 gallon $6.50

Sweet Potato ‘Molokai’ (skin color brownish purple, flesh color bright purple)  1 gallon $6.50



Feature Image by Llez – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,