Unusual Edible for April 2018

Mulberries are quite simply a world heritage plant with a food production lineage almost as old as figs.  Originating in China, these trees were introduced into Europe and the United States in the hope of fostering silk worms for silk production.  But it has always been the berries us common folk loved throughout history and the berries have a full tart/sweet flavor which lends itself to use in jams and pies.  Delicious fresh as well!
Expect 20-25ft growth on a graceful tree which enjoys rich loamy soil and moderate to regular watering.  Plant in full sun.  Berries are dependably ripe in June in mass, all at once.
Sleeved baby mulberries are $12.99 each from Dave Wilson Nursery.  We also have a couple mature large specimens in 20 gallon containers for $369.00 and  delivery for these amply endowed ladies is free anywhere in the Bay Area.  Instant gratification is OK!