September Edibles Here and Now

Plant these for late season edible harvest late November and Early December (except Asparagus, that’s a whole different world of biennial fun and perennial gardening, but you have to get started sometime!)

Asparagus: Mary Washington Asparagus
Beets: bulls blood beets
Beets: Chiogga Beets
Beets: Golden Detroit Beets
Broccoli: Chinese Early Jade Broccoli
Broccoli: Green Magic Broccoli
Broccoli: Gypsy Broccoli
Brussel Sprouts: Jade Cross Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage: Fast Vantage Cabbage
Cabbage: Nappa Blue Cabbage
Cauliflower: Early Snowball Cauliflower
Cauliflower: Snow Crown Cauliflower\
Greens: Champion Greens
Greens: Garden Blend Kale
Greens: Lacinato Kale
Greens: Lacinato Red Kale
Greens: Malabar Spinach Red Stem
Greens: Orange Fantasia Chard
Greens: Pac Choi Rose F1
Greens: Red Kitten Spinach
Greens: Ruby Red Swiss Chard
Greens: Wasabi Mustard Greens
Herb: Authentic Thai Basil
Herb: Berggarten Culinary Sage
Herb: Chives
Herb: English Thyme
Herb: Epazote 
Herb: French Thyme
Herb: Golden Lemon Thyme
Herb: Golden Sage
Herb: Italian Basil
Herb: Italian Oregano
Herb: Italian Parsley
Herb: Kentucky Colonel Mint
Herb: Lemon Grass
Herb: Midnight Mojito Satureja (attractive mint w/ pansy like flowers!)
Herb: Nigella Sativa Cumin
Herb: Peppermint
Herb: Santo Cilantro 
Herb: Slo Bolt Cilantro
Herb: Stevia
Herb: Triple Curly Parsley
Herb: Tumeric
Herb: Valerian All Heal
Herb: Yerba Matte
Leeks: American Flag Leeks
Lettuce: Red Crisphead Cherokee Lettuce
Lettuce: Romaine Lettuce
Lettuce: Salanova Lettuce
Onions: Green Bunching
Peas: snap peas sugar sprint
Radish: Korean Sushiro Radish
Strawberries: Delizz F1
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