Save on your next plant purchase when you convert Lawn to Garden by Sheet Mulching

The Benefits of Sheet Mulch


Sheet mulching, a layered mulch system, is a simple, effective technique for improving soil health, managing weeds without herbicides and increasing soil permeability.

Sheet mulching can be used either in establishing a landscape or to enrich existing plantings. In both cases, mulch is applied to bare soil or on top of cut or flattened weeds or turf. Trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials and annuals are planted through the mulch, and small areas can be left open to accommodate established plants.

Sheet mulch can:

  • Suppress weed growth without chemicals
  • Reduce labor and maintenance costs—weeds are composted in place
  • Improve nutrient and water retention in the soil
  • Encourage favorable soil microbial activity and worms
  • Enhance soil structure
  • Improve plant vigor and health, often leading to improved resistance to pests and diseases

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Saturday September 10th  at 12:00 noon

Sheet Mulch Demonstration  

Get rid of that lawn convert it into fertilizer by sheet mulching.  Why?  Big lawns are ridiculous, they use up enormous amounts of water, they do little to please the eye and less to feed the animals around us.  You know that already or you wouldn’t shop at Ploughshares, but just thinking about physically tearing out that lawn makes your back hurt!  So don’t tear it out, instead transform it into food for plants which look good, use little or no water, help pollinators or feed your family!

Our partners at and have excellent websites for you to peruse and learn all you need to learn about sheet mulching, but sometimes it helps to see it done and that is what we will do at this ‘hands on’ workshop in September.  At the workshop we will demonstrate sexy sheet mulch things like ‘edging’, ‘planting large specimens’, ‘laying down cardboard’ and ‘planting small specimens’.  You won’t want to miss this!

Attendees can receive discounts of 20-40% on plants used in Sheet Mulched areas.  Call 510 755 1102 for more information.