Question and Answer Time at Ploughshares Nursery this April

Bugs bothering you?  Worried about the quality of your soil?  Not sure how to properly plant that potted nursery plant you just purchased?  Something looks diseased?
Wondering how to prune something or if you even should?  Well then, bring all your bugs, blighted plants, samples of soil, photographs of your yard/trees/bushes and whatever questions have been troubling your sleep for a ‘Question and Answer’ session with Ploughshare’s Nursery Manager Jeff Bridge.  All we ask is that you put samples of potentially diseased or infested plant material in plastic baggies before bringing them to the nursery.   Don’t be stingy with photographs, don’t just take a picture of a plant you have a question about, take several close and distant shots as well as pictures of the entire yard surrounding the plant you have questions about!  There are no stupid questions and sometimes  the simplest questions (like how much should I water?) have surprisingly complex answers.  We will do our best to offer solutions to your garden conundrums in the time allotted.  Hecklers will be fed to Papa Cat to offset kibble costs.

Join us April 7th at Ploughshares from 12 noon to 1:30 pm for Q&A Session 1
and again on April 28th at Ploughshares from 12 noon to 1:30 pm for Q&A Session 2