Potted Fruit from Dave Wilson Nursery Just Arrived

Sleeved Fruit from Dave Wilson Nursery has arrived and is ready to be planted in your garden.
‘Sleeved’ or ‘Sleeves’ are simply terms for a very narrow pot which holds a single grafted fruit bearing plant.  Fruit bearing plants sold in sleeves are inexpensive and easy to plant.
NOW is the time to plant baby plants because the rain and cool weather help them to establish properly and thrive during the growing season.

We have an interesting selection for you to consider:
O’Neal Blueberry $12.99
Goji Berry $12.99
Black Satin Thornless Blackberry $12.99
Boysenberry $12.99
Heritage Red Raspberry $12.99
Monukka Grape$12.99
Chardonnay Grape $12.99
Ruby Seedless Grape $12.99
Syrah Grape $12.99
Thompson Seedless Grape $12.99
Black Velvet Gooseberry $12.99
Pixwell Gooseberry $12.99
Cascade Hops $12.99
Centennial Hops $12.99
Dwarf Black Mulberry $16.00
Eversweet Pomegranate $14.99