Pollinator Power Plant for September 2016

Hardenbergia violacea is the Pollinator Power Plant for September 2016.  This is a thick green vine which reaches 10ft + and keeps it’s leaves all year round.  She has low water needs when properly established and takes to container growing better than most vines.  The truly special thing about ‘Wandering Lilac’ is when it flowers.  Unlike most vines I can think of, Hardenbergia shows off purple/white blooms during fall and winter!  That’s right, when most flowering plants are in dormancy and most evergreen plants are quiescent, this vine is blooming with vibrant color.  This means insects which usually must wait until spring for a source of pollen can brave the cold and bring home some food.  It’s a win-win situation, humans get eye candy during the seasons when eye candy is at a deficit and bees get a source of food to carry them through tough times.

Hardenbergia violacea for $10.99 in 1 gallon cans at Ploughshares Nursery this September.