Pollinator Power Plant for June 2018

Lets visit an old friend for Pollinator Power Plant for June 2018:  Erigeron glaucus ‘Seaside Daisy’

This native of California grows along coastal bluff regions from Oregon to San Diego.  Reaches 4″ to 8″ inches height and accepts sandy or clay soil and spreads via rhizomes, so expect relatively fast growth as it’s rhizome mass matures. This is a superb ground-cover plant with almost neon pink and yellow aster flowers.  Blooms appear in late Spring and persist until Fall.   Keep and eye out  for tiny little native bees, they seem to love this even more than California Native Buckwheat at the nursery.  Use in part sun or full sun in coastal regions like Alameda and Oakland, but plant in part sun in hotter climates like Concord or Walnut Creek.   It does tend towards some summer dormancy, shrinking and browning edges, so a wee bit of water every once in awhile is advised if you want to keep it going full speed and looking flush.  Plant under Sticky Monkey Flower, Native Buckwheat or Artemesia for a habitat extravagansa.

1 gallon Erigeron glaucus $7.50 each

Photo attributed to: By Guy Waterval – Own work, Apache License 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=60707042