Ploughshares and Covid 19

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

It’s been a challenging time here at Ploughshares over the last couple weeks and I apologize to anyone who didn’t receive answers to emails and phone messages or came here and found the gate closed on what used to be a regular open day.   It’s just me here (Jeff) scrambling to manage a one acre property, grow and care for plants and provide customer service as my co-workers are home sheltering in place and the job trainees are furloughed.  Unfortunately we are also experiencing bi-weekly night visits from burglars and this has occupied a bunch of time as well as we repair the damage they leave behind and install new video cameras to catch them when they return.

Moving forward I will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-5pm. We are unable to process orders ahead of time or perform delivery unless the total is over $350.00. To accommodate social distancing and avoid crowding I will let a family group or individual into the nursery one at a time to shop for fifteen minutes assuming there is a line of people outside the gate waiting to get in.   I will be posting pictures and lists of items for people to consider on our website and Face Book page but I have a very limited capacity to take any orders over email or phone and I hope people will be forgiving of this lapse in the kind of service we want to offer you.

And if it’s raining, please think twice about exposing your immune system to cold and wet.  I will be open during rain in the weeks ahead but exposure to inclement weather could be dangerous to your health.

Luckily I have Papa the Cat here to supervise me, though I sometimes think he is just sleeping in the sun rather than working!

Stay safe out there.