Ploughshares and Covid 19

Open Wednesday through Sunday 10-5pm

We are open with precautions for limiting transmission of disease Wednesday through Sunday 10-5pm. To maintain social distancing (6ft. wherever possible) we are limiting access to five individuals at a time.
When capacity is reached and people are waiting in line we will ask visitors inside our gates to conclude their visit in fifteen minutes. There are sometimes lines with wait times averaging fifteen minutes. The longest wait on the busiest day of the year was one hour. Please wear a mask and be willing to apply hand sanitizer upon entry. Children must also wear masks.

We are only accepting credit/debt cards, no cash please.

Ploughshares Nursery is a social enterprise of Alameda Point Collaborative supportive housing for the formerly homeless. All heads of household are people with disabilities which put them in high risk categories if exposed to Covid 19. We appreciate how much you have helped us mitigate risk to this vulnerable community and tolerated our very stringent requests for safe measures. Thanks!

Its going to be a great year for gardening, I hope you will send us pictures of your garden plots and native and drought tolerant plants.

Stay Healthy,

Jeff Bridge

Ploughshares General Manager