Ancient Flowers

Proteaceae: new Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Grevillea have arrived ready for your garden. The flower in the picture is in actuality four to six inches wide and your Leucospermum Flame Giant will give you dozens, maybe more, every year.  Cut flower enthusiasts will want one, people with gardening family or friends will want to give one as…

Recharge your beds

on our tables now for your edible garden: Beets: Bulls Blood Beets Beets: Chiogga Beets Broccoli: Everest Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Cabbage: Red Express Cabbage Carrots: Napa Carrots (medium length orange) Cauliflower: Multi-head Cauliflower Cauliflower: Snowball Cauliflower Chard: Swiss Chard Greens: Collard Greens Greens: Dinosaur Kale Greens: Perennial Tree Collards Greens: Picnic Mix Lettuce Greens: Red…

Alameda Harvest Celebration Fundraiser

Alameda Harvest Celebration FundraiserOctober 26th and 27th 12-9pm 651 West Tower Avenue, Alameda CA 94501 Join us for a family friendly weekend of delectable offerings from Alameda’s craft community. Featuring a bounty of special treats from: Admiral Maltings Alameda Island Brewing, Almanac Beer Company, Brix Soda Company, Building 43 Winery, Brunt Ends BBQ, Devout Coffee,…

Harvest Festival SALE

Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th 10-5pmSAVE 40% on all plants, soil and potteryMeet Wondrous the PigFeed the ChickensVisit the Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue AviaryLearn about our Bay Ecosystems at SAVE 40% ON ALL PLANTS, POTTERY AND SOIL

Wild Oyster Project Presentation

Recycled Reef Initiative FREE PRESENTATION (20 minutes)September 28th 1pm at Ploughshares Nursery 2701 Main St. Alameda CA 94501 510 755 1102 The Wild Oyster Project works towards restoring native oysters to the San Francisco Bay, the largest estuary on the West Coast. Before industrial activities changed the Bay, there were billions of oysters that filtered…

Join us at the Eat Real Festival for classes on Winter Edible Gardening

In these classes learn what vegetables are appropriate for the fall and winter, how to prepare soil for spring gardening ahead of the spring rush-to-garden, how to minimize weeding next spring by implementing best practices in winter, what crops to use to restore nutrients (cover crops) as well as the fine points of crop rotation….

Plant Availability for August 2019

This is still a relatively new feature for us and if you can’t find a plant you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us. [table id=1 /]

The Art of the Flower Bowl

The Art of the Flower Bowl FREE WORKSHOP Saturday August 3rd  11:30 to 1pm Join longtime Alamedan nursery-artisan Bonnie Howard for a hands on workshop creating works of art in pots and bowls with perennial and annual flowers!  When you are finished and you behold what you have created, you’ll want to take it home! …

Help Save our Monarchs in Alameda

Help Save Our Monarchs by Planting Milkweed and Flower Seeds! EVENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY ALAMEDA BACKYARD GROWERS Last Thanksgiving, only 28,429 monarchs were counted in their wintering colonies compared to a historic population of about 10 million in the Western Monarch migration. Today monarchs face several challenges, the most intractable being a lack of…

Butterfly Gardens FREE WORKSHOP

Butterfly Gardens FREE WORKSHOP Saturday June 22nd 12-1pm Learn how to design your garden to support endangered Butterfly populations throughout the year.  Children dressed as butterflies receive a free California Lilac to take home and feed on.

Integrated Pest Management for the Home Gardener FREE WORKSHOP

I.P.M. is a multi-faceted approach to managing pests and disease which was developed to improve economic outcomes for farmers but has rapidly been assimilated into organic farming practices and is recommended by environmentalists to mitigate species loss and to promote healthy ecologies. Certain aspects of I.P.M. translate well into our backyard gardening culture. I.P.M. for…

WORKSHOP: Mediterranean Climate Plants for Pollinators

Mediterranean Plants for Pollinators FREE WORKSHOP May 18th 12-1:00 pm For pollinator populations in crisis our debate over ‘native vs non-native’  might resolve itself too late or end in paralysis.  At noon on May 18th we will discuss which non-native plants benefit pollinator species such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds

WORKSHOP: Native Plants for Pollinators

WORKSHOP: Native Plants for Pollinators FREE WORKSHOP May 11th 12-1:00 pm Join us May 11th from 12-1pm for a discussion and tour of native plants which benefit pollinator populations .  This is a free workshop at 2701 Main St. Alameda CA. Ploughshares Nursery.

Pollinator Plants Sale May 25th

Pollinator Plant Sale May 25th 10am-5pm Over fifty species will be on SALE 20% off regular price to benefit pollinator populations.  Poppies, Lilac, Kangaroo Paws, Rosemary, Dill, Anise, Native Sages, African Sages, South American Sages, Aloe, Sedum and many, many more. Fill your garden with plants friendly to bees, butterflies and birds.

New to Edible Gardening?

Check out Alameda Backyard Growers! Alameda Backyard Growers (ABG) is a network of gardeners in Alameda, California who are interested in growing food and donating extra fruit and vegetables to the Alameda Food Bank.  Our goal is to reach out to the community to provide information about, and increase involvement in, urban food growing. In…

Need Help in the Garden?

We recommend Edible Ecology and Breaking Ground if you are looking for help in the edible or ornamental garden.