May Featured Plant

Datura wrightii

4″ pot $6.99

Native to much of the west, this bewitching perennial has huge lavender-white trumpet flowers with sublime sweet fragrance.  Blooms open at night and close again in the morning where the plant is exposed to full sun.  In light shade, blooms may persist several days. 
This is one of many Datura’s used by native peoples for medicine and religious purposes.  Improper use is extremely dangerous and can result in death.  Reseeds easily and uses very little water.  Plant larger drooping Angels Trumpet like “Charles Grimaldi” above for a stalagmite-stalagtite flower cave effect!
Expect 2-3 ft height and width. Blooms come May through November. Thornapple is drought tolerant.
All parts of Datura plants contain dangerous levels of anticholinergictropane alkaloids and may be fatal if ingested by humans, livestock, or pets. This is a heritage plant requiring responsible gardening practices.

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