Last Call for Vegetable Starts

Get em in the ground while supplies last. Next time we will have vegetable starts for sale will be end of February beginning of March 2021

Artichoke: Green Globe Artichoke
Bok Choy (asian mini-cabbage, sweet and great for stir fry)
Broccoli: Chinese Broccoli
Broccoli: Gypsy Broccoli
Bronze Fennel
Cabbage: Cheers Cabbage
Cardoon ( artichoke relative, stems taste like artichoke hearts )
Cauliflower: Fioretto Cauliflower
Cauliflower: Snow Ball Cauliflower
Cauliflower: Snow Crown Cauliflower
Greens: Bloomsdale Spinach
Greens: Collard Greens
Greens: Lacinato Kale
Greens: Lacinato Rainbow Kale
Greens: Perennial Tree Collards
Herb: Barbecue Rosemary
Herb: Classic Greek Oregano
Herb: Foxtail Rosemary
Herb: Golden Culinary Sage
Herb: Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
Herb: Italian Oregano
Herb: Morroccan Mint
Herb: Papalo (seasons mole and other South American cuisine)
Herb: Profusion Chives
Herb: Rau Om Rice Paddy Herb (tastes like cumin in soups!)
Herb: Red Shiso
Herb: Slo-bolt Cilantro
Herb: Stevia
Herb: True English Thyme
Herb: Yerba Mate
Leek: American Flag Leek
Onion: Candy Onion
Onion: Cipollini Borettana (heirloom, bronze, perfect for caramelling)
Onion: Early Red Burger (smaller, faster ‘red burger’ type)
Onion: Red Burger
Onion: Walla Walla Onion
Peas: Sugar Bon Peas
Peas: Sugar Snap Peas
Tamarillo (perennial tomato relative, subtle, sweet and exotic!)