How to Select and Plant Bare Root Trees

Saturday January 21st at 12:00 noon
Ploughshares Nursery 2701 Main St. Alameda CA
‘How to Select and Plant Bare Root Trees’
Bare root trees (see list below) are sold without soil and require special care to be successful, but you can save a lot of money when you plant them! Join Ploughshare’s Jeff Bridge for a demonstration of proper planting technique and overview of bare root tree special needs.  This is a free workshop and you’ll leave wondering why you never purchased bare root before!
Check out bare-root at Ploughshares below:
Blenheim Apricot (on Nemaguard root-stock): $12.00
Gold Kist Apricot (on Nemaguard root-stock): $12.00
20th Century Pear (Asian Apple Pear): $27.90
Shenseiki Pear (Asian Apple Pear): $27.90
Fuji Apple (on M7 root-stock): $33.90
Gala Apple (on M7 root-stock): $33.90
Pink Lady Apple (on M111 root-stock): $12.00
Miniature Peaches (on Nemagaurd Root-stock): $31.90
Multi Bud Peaches (3 different peaches on 1 tree): $52.90
Saturn Peach (on Citation root-stock): $32.00
Pineapple Quince (on Quince root-stock): $28.00
Black Mission Fig (boxed): $25.00
Violette de Bordeux Fig (taste test award winner): $25.00
Jubilee Blueberry (Southern Highbush type): $18.00
O’neal Blueberry (Southern Highbush): $18.00
Concord Seedless Grapes (YUM!): $14.00
Black Satin Blackberry (thornless): $18.00
Boysenberry (thornless): $18.00
Anne Raspberry (yellow super sweet): $18.00
Heritage Red Raspberry: $18.00
Fall Gold Raspberry: $18.00Shade and Flowering Trees

Prunus cerisifolia ‘Thundercloud’ (flowering plum): $29.00
Prunus yeodoensis ‘Yoshino’ (flowering cherry): $44.00