Grafted Tomatoes Coming Saturday March 10th 2018


Grafted tomatoes coming Saturday March 10th 2018
What are ‘grafted tomatoes’?
Grafting is simply taking a clipping of a plant you want to grow to maturity, in this case a tomato, and attaching it to a special root stock.   The cutting is the ‘scion’ and the root you attach it to is the ‘root stock’.   By doing this we can impart extra vigor, powerful disease resistance and greater tolerance to cold to our favorite tomato varieties.  Also, grafted tomatoes tend to produce 30-50% more tomatoes than non-grafted types and over a longer period when indeterminate varieties are involved.

We will be starting with Brandywine and Early Girl grafted tomatoes.  Take them home and plant them right away, they don’t mind the chill.

Check out this video to learn more about grafting tomatoes.

quart size grafted tomatoes $8.99 each at Ploughshares