Featured Tree “Strawberry Tree”

Arbutus marina ‘Strawberry Tree’
I remember my step-grandmother would add the big smooshy (almost flavorless) berries to her jams when she was short on raspberries or wanted to mass produce jams to give to her vast and uncountable relatives back in Texas. When she passed away I found dozens of jars of arbutus strawberry preserves waiting for the next holiday season.
I ate em all. Couldn’t resist.

The tree itself has so much to offer with its beautiful bark, non-stop blooms pink bell flowers, fruit and evergreen foliage. This is truly a magical tree and one which when I first was learning about California native trees, was certain was native to California. Alas, she is not native to California but she is certainly perfectly adapted to our climate having originated as a cross between two Madrones from places exactly like California’s benevolent environs. Long lived, when she is young she grows at a sedate rate to about 15-20′ and thereafter, very, very slowly, over many decades to 40′ or higher.

We have fifteen gallon container specimens ready for your garden. Now is a great time to adopt, the cool weather will help your Strawberry Tree transplant be successful and ready for next year’s warm weather.