Edibles Ready for your Garden Plot this Month

Check out what we have on the table ready for your garden bed this month:

Artichoke: Green Globe

Arugala: Rocket Salad

Basil: Dolce Vita

Bean (pole): Kentucky Wonder

Bean (pole): Trionfo Violette

Beet: Bulls Blood

Beet: Detroit Dark

Broccoli Brussel Sprouts

Cabbage: Red Acre

Cauliflower: Early Snowball

Chard: Fordhook Giant

Chicory: Palla Rosa

Collards: Southern Giant Curled

Collards: Tree Collards (perennial)

Cucumber: Marketmore

Herb: Cilantro

Kale: Premier Blend

Leeks: American Flag

Lettuce: Buttercrunch

Lettuce: Speckled Romaine

Lettuce: Valentine


Mint: Kentucky Colonel

Mint: Spearmint


Mustard: Red

Onion: Yellow Granix

Pac Choy: Mei Quin

Peas (Pod): Sugar Pea

Radish: White

Tomato: Aunt Ruby

Tomato: Black Prince

Tomato: Briar Prince

Tomato: Purple Cherokee

Tomato: Sungold

Tomato: Supersweet 100