Cool Season Crop Seed

We love Redwood Organic Farm Seeds!
Here is what we have in stock at Ploughshares Nursery October 2017.
Sow these now for edible gardening all year round!

Early Broccoli
Brassica oleraceae

150 seeds/ pack   I   60 days   I   Heirloom

Short season broccoli produces early center heads. The great thing about this variety are the numerous side shoots the plant will continue to produce for months. Excellent flavor. This open pollinated organic broccoli seed was selected by Steve Peters from Seed rEvolution Now. He is working with this variety to improve it for organic production and we are honored to offer his seed here!


Kweik Lettuce
Lactuca sativa

200 seeds/pack   |   50-60 days

Butterhead type. Melt-in-your-mouth green leaves form perfect rose-like heads.  This is a definite farm favorite lettuce.  Beautiful and very tasty. Plant in fall or spring.  Will bolt with summer heat.  Harvest outside leaves or allow heads to fully mature.  Beautiful market variety.


Anethum graveolens

100 seeds/pack | 45 days

Dill is the classic flavoring used in many dishes and of course, pickles! Dill does best in cool weather so get it going in early spring and plant outside before last frost. Or in mild winter climates, plant in fall for harvest through the winter. When heat comes on dill will go to seed quickly. Use the seeds as a culinary spice and for your pickling needs. Bouquet dill produces bountiful feathery leaves with great flavor and thousands of seeds. Our dill easily topped out at seven feet tall. Biennial or annual


Flat Leaf Parsley

Petroselinium crispum

150 seeds/pack | 70 days

This fantastic culinary herb is high in vitamin E. Parsley is a biennial and will only ‘go to seed’ after it has been through a winter period. Cut and come again all year long! Biennial.


Bok Choy
Brassica rapa

200 seeds/pack    | 45 days

This classic Asian green is fantastic in stir-fry or raw in salads. Bok Choy produces large green leaves with succulent white and crispy stems that cook up well. The leaves grow from a basal rosette allowing for continual harvest of outer leaves and stems while new growth appears from the center. These are especially tasty when lightly steamed with soy sauce or Braggs.

Brassica oleraceae
200 seeds/pack   |   60-80 days

These collards have large aqua leaves that stand up to both the summer heat and winter temps into the teens. Great texture and flavor. We loved them gently sauteed with garlic. Great in soups too.

Red Winter Kale
Brassica napus

150 seeds/pack   |   60 days

Plant this kale in the spring and enjoy for a year. It will survive extreme summer heat and then last all winter long in your garden. Frost makes this kale grow only sweeter. Enjoy in stir-fry, shredded in salad and steamed. This is our favorite kale and it has the added benefit of being a Brassica napus so for seed saving purposes it will not cross pollinate with broccoli, cabbage, etc



Rainbow Chard
Beta vulgaris
200 seeds |  50 days
Crunchy colorful goodness which can’t be beat.  Fall Chard crops are not so attractive to leaf miner because of cold temperatures,
expect pristine unmarred leaves but slower growth.  Space 10″ and harvest young or mature.

Bloomsdale Abundant Spinach
Spinacia oleracea
150 seeds | 40 days
Iron rich nutty fresh and never better than when it’s picked out of the garden.  Harvest lower leaves first if
your impatient or wait until head reaches 10″ across = mature.  Rich soil, regular water a must!


15 Lettuce Mix
200 seeds /30-50 days
Yes the picture shows only 3 lettuces of the 15 lettuce mix but you get the idea.  Grow lots of different
lettuces all together and have the best salads because….LOTS OF LETTUCE FLAVOR!  Mmm  Salad.



Daucus carota subsp. sativus

200 seeds   |   68 days   |   Heirloom

This heat-tolerant orange carrot with broad shoulders has been a favorite of gardeners and farmers for over a century. Developed in 1871 in Danvers, Massachusetts, it is tolerant of many soil types including high-clay soils. Its strong tops prevent breaking during harvesting.


Mammoth Snow Pea
Pisum sativum

25 seeds/pack   |   60 days

Large succulent pods are GREAT in stir-fry, quiches or any other dish you can dream up.  Prolific vines produce masses of large, flat-podded peas late into the pea season. Peas are 3-4 inches long and nearly an inch wide. This variety will climb 5-6 ft or more if a sturdy trellis is provided. Pea weevil damage is present in some seeds. Pea seeds have been treated to kill any pea weevil larvae by freezing the seed for 3 weeks.


Detroit Red Beet

Beta vulgaris

50 seeds/pack   |   59 days   |   Heirloom

A classic red beet that produces consistent 3-inch globes with extremely sweet, dark flesh. An 1892 heirloom, it is an established variety with strong tap roots and hardy tops.