California Heritage Plant for November 2016


Carex barbarae or ‘White Root’ is a our choice for California Heritage Plant for November 2016.   This attractive sedge occurs naturally in California’s seasonal riparian areas, of which only 5% remain today.  Give regular water for lush green growth, or let dry late Spring and Summer and enjoy its brown dormant appearance.   White Root was used by over 1/3rd of California’s native people to create thread by which to weave baskets.  Baskets and basketry were used for food storage, food preparation and fish traps by California natives and many believe that nowhere else in the world was the art of basket weaving elevated to the level of sophistication developed here.   As an ornamental plant expect 2-3ft of growth and place where it can receive full or half day sun exposure.  It will soon spread to fill any hospitable ground.   This is a great choice for lawn substitute.


4″ Pots of White Root $4.99 at Ploughshares Nursery