Bare Root Trees In


Bare root trees have arrived. For the month of January these trees will be sold without soil in a dormant state for big savings in the wallet! For those unfamiliar with bare root trees, these are deciduous fruit trees (trees that drop their leaves in winter) that go into dormancy (they go into suspended animation…. deep sleep) in winter. They can be transported without soil and prices are low. However they must be planted immediately after purchase. In February we pot them up and the prices double.

Gold Kist Apricot on Nemaguard Rootstock 3/8″24.99
Red Baron Peach on Nemaguard Rootstock  3/8″29.99
Weeping Santa Rosa Plum on Myro 29c Rootstock 5/8″29.99
Bosc Pear on OhxF333 Rootstock 3/8″29.99
20th Century Asian Pear on OHxF333 Rootstock 3/8″29.99
Fuyu ‘Jiro’ Persimmon on D.Lotus Roostock 5/16″44.99