August 2021 Newsletter


August Happenings

New Pottery Amazing Succulents

small decorative planters and pots

orange is a healing color

size matters

we have a great selection of succulents for these bowls

Aeonium Sunburst , put this in your bowl and ….

Rock Purslane Flower
cause bees ROCK this

we have tiny angry cacti

tiny pots for tiny angry cacti

California native succulent Dudleya brittonii
cause this CA native doesn’t want a tan
(the chalk is sunscreen)

we have giant garden balls
$49.00 each

vaccinated volunteers needed, come in anytime Wednesday through Friday 10-4pm and get some free horticultural lovin

Ploughshares Nursery trains and employs residents of the
Alameda Point Collaborative supportive
housing community.  Ploughshares Nursery is a non-profit social enterprise of the Alameda Point Collaborative supportive housing community. 100% of our sales of drought tolerant, native and edible plants support housing and services for formerly homeless families and individuals living on the old Alameda Naval Base in Alameda CA